Global Local

Global Local is funded by the Arts Council England and project managed by Continental Drifts Music in partnership with some of the UK’s greatest producers and promoters of new culture: Movimientos, The Magpie’s Nest, Wormfood, BBC Asian Network, Silk Roads and Ramadan Festival. These partnerships enable us to maintain direct links to all of the freshest and newest hybrid sounds emerging from London’s underground scenes.

Since the project started in 2004, we have programmed over 200 stages of diverse artists, at events ranging from London community festivals to major UK festivals, as well as creating our own London Remixed Festival to provide an annual showcase for them all.

We worked with new artists like Mumford and Sons, Nick Mulvey and Kate Tempest while they were the early days of their careers and annually we source around 20 emerging acts to send out to over 22 stages across London and the UK.

Global Local site:

"Global Local has become one of the most significant projects for new and emerging artists to reach vast new audiences in a new and innovative way."
Huey Walker, Arts Council of England




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