Community events programming

We have always been very dedicated to free and community events.

When Continental Drifts began we helped create some vast community events like the infamous Hackney Homeless Festival (35,000 people), Volcano Festival (70,000), Reggae by the River (30,000), Walthamstow Festival (25,000 people), Water Margins Festival (3,000) and many others.

We played an instrumental role in turning those festivals from ideas on paper into the reality of vast, exciting, free-to-the-public events which provided a unique opportunity for new artists and emerging acts to perform and engage with the community.

Continental Drifts also supplies music stages and whole areas to some of the largest free events in London, from the Carnival Del Pueblo (100,000 people) to The Queen's Jubilee in Buckingham Palace. We also help create other large-scale events including London Mela, Thames Festival, Great British Carnival and many more, where we produce and run entire areas as well as individual stages.




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